At De Gier Engineering we believe in optimizing engineering processes for both small and medium-sized organizations. That is why we have developed CADServer as the perfect solution for sharing and managing Product specific Engineering data.

We understand the challenges many organizations face when purchasing and implementing complex and costly PDM/PLM systems. That's why we created CADServer as an accessible and efficient solution that meets the needs of these organizations.

CADServer forms the missing link between Engineering and the rest of the Organization. It offers a unique combination of functionalities with which we can manage CAD data, reuse it (Configure-to-Order) and share real-time data in the cloud. This allows us to quickly, easily and affordably optimize the engineering process and return the focus within your organization to innovation and product development.

We understand the frequently heard arguments not to work with PDM or PLM software, such as the high costs, the limited number of engineers, the apparently less complex product or process, the size of your company or the lack of IT knowledge. That is why we are convinced that CADServer is the perfect solution for your organization.

With CADServer we can easily make an important optimization step in your business processes, with a huge impact on your performance. CADServer's user-friendly and cost-efficient nature allows advanced CAD functionality to be leveraged without the complexity and cost of traditional PDM/PLM systems.

At De Gier Engineering we are ready to take the efficiency and effectiveness of your engineering activities to a higher level with CADServer.