ENGINEERING DOCUMENTATION / STANDARDIZATION & LARGE DATA MIGRATION It is important to look at a bigger picture while converting existing data into another format in the context of larger engineering goals. The goals for large data migration and standardization should not only be in-line with the proposed new software initiative, but also a formal component of your engineering strategy. De Gier Engineering experts enable you to visualize future demands and assist you in rigorous planning and detailed analysis required in CAD migration. We help you in standardizing the existing records before migrating to a new platform. This helps in redefining engineering standards and processes to gain higher benefits. With our experience in data migration, we assure you the best results in a quick turnaround time. Our team of highly experienced engineers follows a structured process to understand your needs and takes care of the smallest details to customize the migration process. Some of our expertise in Engineering Documentation/Standardization & Large Data Migration includes: 2D to 3D Conversion Services: Our engineers handle complete conversion projects with expertise using cutting-edge tools and software. We conduct constant quality checks at every stage of the project so that our clients receive accurate and error-free files within scheduled time frames. Large Conversion Programs We have capabilities to handle large volumes of data or files shared by the clients for conversion. Our engineers can create drawings, arrange and archive the data for easy retrieval. Before we begin any project, we discuss issues such as part assembly, folder structures for data storage, file naming, and font styles with the clients. We make it a point to adhere to all the guidelines that are outlined by our clients. Our engineering team is updated and constantly trained on the new software and technologies to fulfil your requirements. Engineering Documentation and Engineering Standardization De Gier Engineering support our clients with best-in-the-class engineering documentation and standardization. Our engineers assist you with all aspects of documentation. We follow the industry best practices to reduce the product development cost and time while ensuring ongoing compliance.